Fire and Smoke Dampers

We now Fit and Install Fire and Smoke Dampers


CE Marked ‘ES’ Rated Fire dampers used to prevent spread of fire and smoke maintaining compartmentation CE marked fulfilling the requirements of EN 15650. Approved by LPCB and conforms to LPS1162 issue 4. Fire tested to EN 1366-2.
Classified to EN 13501-3.
Proportional Torque Control (PTC) for optimised torque performance.
Unique snaplock™ drive interface ensures user friendly connection of Control Mode.
Easy connection to square, rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork.
Choice of tested Installation Methods to suit Concrete/ Masonry Floors & Walls and Dry Walls.
Choice of electrical Control Modes.
Unique and patented Electrical Thermal
Release for ultimate safety.
Halogen Free low smoke and fume.
Cabling supplied as standard.
Actionpac damper Control System compatibility.
ASFP Grey Book listed.

Fire Damper Fire Resistance Test

EN 1366-2:1999 (Test standard) gives requirements for testing dampers to the standard time/temperature curve with a requirement to close within two minutes of the start of the test with a constant air flow of 1.5m/second. After closure, a 300Pa pressure differential is applied to the damper and the damper leakage (corrected to 20°C) is recorded throughout the rest of the test. The largest size of the damper to be offered for sale must be fire tested. Pass and fail criteria is included in the standard.

E (Integrity) – the damper must leak no more than 360m3/hr/m2 at any point during the test.
ES (Integrity and Leakage) – the damper must leak no more than 200m3/hr/m2 at any point during the fire test. This also applies to the largest and smallest size of the damper to be offered for sale at ambient temperature for the ES criteria to be applicable.