Fire Stopping and Compartmentation Saves Lives

One of the biggest Threats to building structures occurs when gaps and cavities, either in the the building envelope and structure or as the result of service penetration, exist between fire separating walls and floors giving fire, smoke and heat the opportunity to spread vertically and laterally, rapidly and with devastating effect. Firestopping is the sealing of these gaps to ensure the integrity of the compartment line.

Older buildings often lack correct fire stopping, we are able to carry out a full photographic fire stopping survey using Boris software which has been developed with the needs of our company and our clients in mind. Once works have been carried out another photograph is taken of completed works to form a completed report.

We can remediate works contained within FRA’s (fire risk assessments) which have been carried out by other companies

As an accredited passive fire protection specialist, Nene Valley Fire knowledgeable contract managers will assess the situation and advise on the best fire stopping methods.

Fire Rated Sealants

Fire rated sealants are designed for sealing gaps and joints within structures maintaining integrity when sealing around service penetrations.

Sealants can used in most joints up to 10mm without backing and up to 30mm with


Coated batts are used to provide fire and acoustic barriers for voids created by the passage of services in drywall, masonry walls and floors.

Batts are manufactured from density mineral fibre slabs, factory coated with a white, class ‘O’ flexible, waterproof ablative coating to produce a durable fire barrier for service penetration openings.

This is ideally suited to being cut around service penetrations and other elements of structures ensuring that a complete and robust fire compartment has been installed.

Arrange a site visit

If requested, one of Nene Valley’s representatives can visit site to compile a full report on the problems faced, including Duty of Care.


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